True Blue Sugar Crystals

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True Blue Sugar Crystals Details

We use natural Turbinado Sugar that is made from Non-GMO sugar cane. The cane juice is rich in molasses, vitamins, and minerals and is squeezed from fresh sugar cane.  Then it is  evaporated and crystallized. No chemicals or animal by-products are used to de-colorize this sugar making it ideal for vegans. Our sugar crystals are then hand dyed using fruit and vegetable colorants. Sanding sugars are hand dyed and then air dried and packaged. Sugar crystals are perfect for topping cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, cake pops, and just about anything else you can dream up.  The sprinkles are packaged in a 2 ounce biodegradable container.

We are free from GMO, Preservatives, Hydrogenated Fat, and Artificial Ingredients making them fit for Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan diets.

True Blue Sugar Crystals are free from sugar, soy, nuts, dairy, and corn.

Things You Should Know

Please note that every sprinkle batch is unique and there for may vary slightly from images shown. Also photos may display sprinkles differently. I try to photograph as true as possible to the sprinkles color palate.  All sprinkles are filled to the top of their container, but may settle during shipping.  For storing I recommend keeping sprinkles in there jars in a cool dry place, away from sunlight for up to 12 months. Colors can fade due to sun exposure.  I do not offer returns or exchanges for health and safety reasons, however if you are unsatisfied please contact me as soon as possible. I want you to love the sprinkles as much as I do.  Please feel free to contact me to make a custom sprinkle theme or color scheme.

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